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{Falling in Reverse-Favorite Band}
{Hannibal Rising-Favorite Movie} {Jacky Vincent-Favorite guitarist/person} <3 <3 Ask me anything! I am here for anyone that needs a friend to talk to. :)

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Do you ever get so down and depressed that you don’t want to do anything for like month?!…Oh. me either.

Come hang out! Get a twitch account! Say hello! @ twitch.tv/keenvirus #Destiny #destinybeta #twitchtv #livestream #youtube

Come hang out! Get a twitch account! Say hello! @ twitch.tv/keenvirus #Destiny #destinybeta #twitchtv #livestream #youtube

Come chat and watch the Destiny Beta! twitch.tv/keenvirus 


KeenVirus is setting up to stream some Destiny Beta! Come join me in the chat room :) twitch.tv/keenvirus


KeenVirus is setting up to stream some Destiny Beta in a bit! Head over to Twith.tv/keenvirus and hang out in the chat with me! :)

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I was tagged by starlight-on-your-skin. Thank you. <3

starlight-on-your-skin questions:

1. What’s the last concert you went to? - I haven’t been on ANY concert - can you believe? And why? Because of my school -.-

2. What’s your favorite moth of the year? - July

3. What’s your favorite pair of shoes you own? - beige trainers

4. Have you got a drivers license? - Not yet. But I would like in the future.

5. Do you like wearing sunglasses? - No, cause I can’t (I must wear my glasses - I can’t see anything without them!)

6. Do you drink coffee? - sometimes, when I have a lot of learning or  can’t go to sleep. But to be honest: I hate it!

7. What’s the color of your bedroom, and do you like it? - green, it isn’t so bad

8. Do you listen to LPs? - Yes.

9. Do you prefer driving with the windows down or air conditioning? - air conditioning, because when the windows are down I don’t hear my music

10. Do you own a lot of band t-shirts? - not a lot, but i’ve got some

11. What’s the last song you listened to? - Bad Girls Club (Falling In Reverse)

My Questions:

  1. Who is your favourite famous person? Jacky C Vincent
  2. Do you like wear dresses? Yeah. :) Never did before though.
  3. What is a color of your eyes? Blue.
  4. Do you like dancing? When i’m alone. haha.
  5.  Your favourite album? BVB Wretched & Devine
  6. Your favourite school subject? Astronomy.
  7. Favourite fruit or vegetable? Rasberries!
  8. A song, that you love? Born to Lead, FIR
  9. Do you have any siblings? One older sister.
  10. Favourite day of a week? Thursdays…Don’t know why.
  11. A song, that you hate? That stupid radio song “imma do it accapela! ahahahahahahahahaha…Nevermind bring the beat back.” uggghh.

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